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Coach Responsibility

Coach Responsibility Acknowledgement

As a head or assistant coach for East Greenwich Lacrosse Association (EGLA), I hereby acknowledge and understand the following rules and best practices.

  • Only registered and US Lacrosse insured players may participate. If a player attends a practice, clinic, tournament, or game, who is not on my registered roster, I will not allow them to participate until they are registered for the program.

  • No players are allowed to play without proper equipment including mouth guards. Boys must have a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, protective cup, and mouth guard. Girls must have an eye shield and mouth guard. Officials will not allow players to participate in games unless they have proper equipment.

  • Only registered coaches or assistant coaches are allowed to supervise the players. Parents cannot assist without first being registered with East Greenwich Lacrosse Association with an active US Lacrosse Coach membership and a completed background check, otherwise it nulls East Greenwich Lacrosse Association’s insurance protection.

  • I will have an emergency contact list and relevant medical information available for all my players during any EGLA event or program.

  • Due to consideration for our EGLA families, I will start and end all practices on time. I will also provide parents with as much notification as possible if a practice or game needs to be cancelled.

  • During clinics and practices, I will endeavor to provide all players with an equal chance to learn and play the game. 

  • I will report any unsportsmanlike behavior by players, parents, or coaches to an EGLA Board Member or the EGLA Administrator at, to share with the Board.

Please print a copy of this Coaches’ Responsibility Acknowledgement as a quick reference guide.

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